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Special and External Studies

Special Studies

The Seminary offers subjects to graduates from other institutions to assist them in their preparation for ministerial recognition. If such an applicant has a three year bachelor’s degree with a major in theology, the Seminary could offer him/her the option of completing a BA (Honours)(Theology) with majors in Baptist studies and other ministry-related subjects in order to qualify for Baptist Union ministry recognition. The Seminary has some (limited) subjects available by correspondence, but does not offer the full degrees by correspondence.


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Pulse Program

The Pulse Program offers an opportunity for those lay people involved in their local church to gain a basic ext studies understanding of Christian ministry. It is designed to bring theological studies to where the people are – those who have never had an opportunity to attend full-time courses. It is not a correspondence course but a course for those who form themselves into a study group any where in Southern Africa. They need a pastor or someone who gas had theological training to be the course facilitator. The course is registered with the Seminary who will supply the necessary self-study materials. The study group meets each week to receive input and to share about their studies. Upon satisfactory completion of the course, a diploma is issued by the Seminary. Classes take place twice a week on the Seminary campus. The programme is also available for small groups to use in the comfort of their own churches under the facilitation of a trained pastor/minister.


Two courses are offered under this programme:
Short Course in Christian Work: Pulse 2
This course provides a solid foundation on issues and practices of Christian work in general. People who are considering some aspect of work in the local church or desire to be better equipped for what they are already doing, will benefit greatly from this course. The course is suitable for all Departmental Leaders in a local church. It requires the completion of a minimum of 10 subject credits. Entrance is unrestricted but Mature Age plus Grade 9 (Std 7) is recommended.
Short Course in Pastoral Ministry: Pulse 3
This course is designed to provide training in the area of Pastoral Service. 20 subject credits must be completed. These cover most of the major aspects of Christian ministry. Pastors who have not had an opportunity to receive formal pastoral training as well as those who exercise significant spiritual oversight in their churches, will benefit immensely from this course. Entrance requirements: Mature age (21+) plus Grade 10 (Std 8). For further information please use the
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About Us

After much investigation and debate, the 1972 Baptist Union Assembly, meeting at King William's Town, approved a motion that a Western Province branch of the Baptist Theological College of South Africa, be established in Cape Town, which would admit students of all races.

Cape Town Baptist Seminary was previously known as The Baptist Theological College of South Africa, Cape Town. The name change took place in September 2001.

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This Seminary offers tuition on a full-time, part-time and distance-learning basis. Students may specialize in Pastoral Ministry, Missions, Youth Ministry or Children's Ministry. The Seminary offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in cooperation with the University of Pretoria and is accredited by the Council on Higher Education (CHE) and registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) as a Private Higher Education Institution as reflected on certificate No 2000/HE08/005