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With over 600 graduates from Cape Town Baptist Seminary, our alumni are fulfilling their calling in more than 22 nations globally. This makes Cape Town Baptist Seminary an institution with global reach.

What some of our Alumni have said about their time at Cape Town Baptist Seminary:

The Alumni Association seeks to provide opportunities for the support and mutual encouragement of alumni well beyond the classroom. Alumni experiences in their respective places of work and ministry, in turn, provide critical feedback to the Seminary and helps us to continue improving our offerings in an endeavour to see our graduates fulfill our institutional mandate of Training Christian Leaders to Transform Lives and Society Biblically with greater efficacy.

We, therefore, encourage graduates to keep in contact with fellow alumni as well as their alma mater via the alumni association. If you wish to update your personal information, click here.

Traditionally the alumni association hosts an annual meeting of the Cape Town Baptist Seminary Alumni at every Baptist Union of Southern Africa Assembly and are invited to participate in the Seminary’s annual Golf Day. For more information on upcoming events please subscribe to the Cape Town Baptist Seminary Newsletter below.

In addition, we invite Cape Town Baptist seminary alumni 2 continue the legacy of this institution by supporting the seminary in prayer as well as financially by means of a monthly contribution. If you would like to partner with us in our vision of making accredited, academically rigorous theological training as affordable and accessible as possible, please consider making a monthly contribution by clicking on the Donate Now! link below.

R 2 000 000.00 Goal:

You can also browse our other fundraising initutives be visiting our donate page here.

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Rev. Emlyn Kannemeyer has been appointed on a full-time basis to serve as Director of Dare, a ministry of the Dignity Campaign, Cape Town, South Africa


Rev. Nobuntu PenxaMatholeni serves as Senior Lecturer in the Department of Practical Theology at Stellenbosch University, Stellenbosch, South Africa.


Prof. Garth Aziz serves as Head of Discipline, Practical Theology and Missiology at the University of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa.


Dr Conrad Mbewe serves as Pastor at Kabwata Baptist Church and Founding Chancellor at African Christian University, Zambia.


Rev. Bernadette WhitePhilips serves as Pastor at Capricorn Community Church, Cape Town, South Africa.


Rev Brain Louw serves as Senior Pastor at White Rock Baptist, British Colombia, Canada.


Rev. Abraham Joseph serves as Senior Pastor at Bethel Baptist after serving Africa Inland Mission for many years, Kwazulu- Natal, South Africa.


Dr Tim Black serves as National Director for Scripture Union South Africa, Cape Town, South Africa.


Rev. David Stuurman serves as Senior Pastor at New Life Baptist Church, Cape Town, South Africa.


Rev. Keith Lategaan serves as Senior Pastor at International Baptist Church, Stuttgart, Germany.

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