Why Study at CTBS?

48 Years in Experience

CTBS has almost 50 years in experience “Training Christian Leaders to Transform Lives and Society Biblically”. This many years in the Service of Christ and the Church validates the training we provide as credible and consistent with the needs of the Southern African Church. Our Christ-centred curriculum has proven itself contextually relevant as time has progressed.

Training VS Education Orientation

It is possible to get an Education without being adequately trained for the competency demands of Christian Ministry. But it is not possible to be Trained for the skills demands of Christian Ministry without Education.

Consequently, CTBS is determined to produce graduates that are more wholistically formed for Christian Service without compromising the academic rigour of our programme. At CTBS our mission is to train you to:

  • Lead LIKE Christ - Servant Leadership
  • Lead FOR Christ - His Glory and His Church
  • Lead TO Christ - Integral Mission: Proclamation and Demonstrating the Gospel   

Be sure to enquire about our Ministry Integrated Learning Programme and Mission Weeks that further serve to deepen and embed the qualities, competencies and knowledge indispensable to Christian Ministry on Mission, in the Market Place or in the context of the local Church. 

Qualified Academic

CTBS Academics are highly qualified subject matter experts in their own right, majority of whom have earned PhD’s while the minimum requirement for serving on the CTBS Faculty requires a Master’s Degree. Our Academics are current in research, meeting CTBS publication targets, as well as current in praxis since each Faculty Member is a practitioner as well. They hail from numerous parts of the world and are ethnically diverse, thus contributing to a rich, multifaceted exposure for students.  


CTBS is registered by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) as a Private Higher Education Institution under the Higher Education Act 1997- Registration Certificate No. 2000/HE08/005. Our programmes are Accredited by the Council on Higher Education (CHE) as is reflected on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).  

There is no higher accreditation in the Republic of South Africa. Our programmes are verified as meeting global standards of equivalency and excellence. At CTBS your time, energy, money and learning are not wasted.

Student Diversity

While Cape Town Baptist Seminary (CTBS) came into existence in 1974 with the primary aim of serving black and coloured students who wished to be trained for Christian Ministry, the institution has always been racially diverse. In addition to racially diverse student body, CTBS has drawn students from several nationalities, backgrounds, and Christian traditions to participate in the high calibre of training provided at the institution. One of the true strengths of a CTBS education is its cross-cultural and multi-national exposure that enriches theological engagement through intercultural and inter-contextual ministry application.

An Institution of Quality

It is well reported that if you wish to obtain an Academically and Practically rigorous theological higher learning qualification that is unashamedly Biblical, Christo-centric and Contextual, the best place to study is CTBS. Our Institution is not only highly regarded within the Baptist Union of Southern Africa, but by the numerous ecclesiastical traditions that trust CTBS with the training of their future leaders.

Alumni with Global Impact

Nothing proves this point more than our Alumni. Many are globally impactful ministry leaders and others exert their influence in the market place on Mission with God. 

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